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Personalized travel, just for you

With Chic Morocco, you have a tailor-made Morocco. Tell us what you want to visit, what services you want to receive and what activities you want to do. And we will make your dream trip to Morocco come true, with a program that adapts to you, not the other way around.

Premium quality, chic accommodations

All our circuits are different, because you make the difference. But there is one thing they all have in common: the premium quality we offer in the services included. In particular, the truly chic accommodations along the route: charming riads, luxury tents…

Respectful and sustainable tourism

The highest quality is not incompatible with respect for nature and the local people. Therefore, our tourism is responsible and sustainable, as it brings tangible benefits to each destination. We also collaborate in social projects for the development of local communities.

We will make your trip perfect


Perfect locations, stylish interior design inspired by the local culture, perfect integration with the environment... Every night will be a fantasy.

Transportation always available

Our tours are conducted in private premium vehicles, with chauffeur. We will use them in all transfers... and whenever you request us to do so...

No tedious paperwork

We will make sure that your arrival and stay will be simple, without complicated bureaucratic procedures. So that you only have to worry about enjoying

Gourmet gastronomy

The diet included in our accommodations is always of the highest quality. And when the service is not included, we will reserve the best restaurants.

Assistance at all times

From the moment you set foot in Morocco until you embark back home, our staff will be there for everything you need.

... and everything you need

If you need it and want it, we have it. Tell us what you want, and we will find it, plan it and get it for your trip.


Ibn Battuta, traveler and explorer of Tangier in the 14th century

These are our circuits. Make it your own

In Chic Morocco we have many circuits already designed, which adapt to the most diverse profiles, with durations ranging from three days to more than two weeks, with different departure locations. But you can conceive them as a source of inspiration to configure your dream trip, if you wish.

Discover Morocco in 9 days, from modern Casablanca to magical Marrakech, passing through historic Rabat, picturesque Chaouen, the imposing Route of the Thousand Kasbahs and the captivating desert. A unique experience that combines culture, history and nature.

Enjoy an 8-day circular trip from Marrakech, passing through the spectacular Route of the Thousand Kasbahs and the mysterious desert, to end again in the energetic Marrakech. Admire breathtaking landscapes, immerse yourself in the local culture and experience an unforgettable adventure in Morocco.

Start your adventure in Tangier and end in lively Marrakech. On this tour, you will discover the charming Chaouen, the majestic Atlas Mountains and the vast desert. This tour immerses you in the rich culture, traditions and amazing nature of Morocco, offering you an unforgettable and complete experience.

What drives you to come to Morocco?

There are experiences that reach a special dimension in Morocco, because of their beauty, their intensity or their uniqueness. If you are passionate about something, you are sure that something can bring you to this country, only suitable for those who believe that living is the most urgent thing.


Sunrises of a thousand colors, authentic scenes of local customs... Morocco is very instagrammable


Every bite is an explosion of flavor in Morocco. Tune your palate and enjoy


Romans, Idrisids, Almoravids, French, Spaniards... Each period has left its mark here.


The immensity of the Sahara can only be understood in one way: by sleeping in it.


Mountain passes, cedar and argan forests, unspoiled beaches... You will fall in love with its landscapes.


Moroccans love their folklore and every little detail of their culture. Want to check it out?
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A Morocco for every traveler. Choose your theme

Do you want your trip to have a special character? Do you want the circuit to revolve around a central experience? We will make sure that this is the case, as the possibilities in the country are numerous, whatever the time of the year you travel.


Adrenaline rush in the desert in a 4x4 vehicle


Enjoy sun and beach resorts in the south of the country.


Surprise your partner or experience a unique honeymoon


Buy the best of Moroccan luxury and handicrafts

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Objective Morocco: you are only three simple steps away

Choose your tailor-made trip

Take a look at the packages we offer, depending on the duration and starting point.

Make a reservation

Contact us and let us advise you on the best option, without leaving your home.

Live the experience

Come to Morocco and enjoy the trip as we have designed it.

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