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Embassies from/to Morocco

Embassies and consulates of Morocco in the world, and those of other countries on Moroccan soil.

It is very likely that on your trip to Morocco you will not need to go through their embassy in your country, nor through your country’s embassy on Moroccan soil. And it’s just as well, because sometimes these visits are related to tedious bureaucratic procedures or unforeseen events that occur during the trip. However, it is not a bad idea to find out the postal addresses of their headquarters, in case you need to use them. And that’s what we show you below.

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Difference between consulate and embassy

Before listing the embassies and consulates of Morocco, and those of other countries in its territory, it is worth remembering what is the difference between consulate and embassy, as it is not always clear. Both are part of the permanent Diplomatic Mission of one country in the territory of another, as a result of a bilateral agreement between both states, which denotes fluid relations.

The embassy is the highest level representation of a country in another country and, therefore, is the place where the ambassador and the rest of the diplomatic officials of the mission work, and in some cases even their residence.

Regarding its status, there is some confusion and ambiguity: its surface area cannot be considered exactly the national territory of that country, but local laws do not necessarily apply to it either. Their status is rather ‘extraterritorial’, hence some embassies around the world often serve as ‘refuge’ or ‘asylum’ for people who are being sought by the justice system of another country and who, if they walk out the door, could be arrested.

What is certain is that, in an embassy, no bureaucratic formalities are carried out: that is what consulates are for, and that is why embassies often have a ‘consular section’, i.e. a sort of consulate within the embassy.

Usually a country has an embassy in another country, normally in its administrative capital, and sometimes they also have consulates, both in the capital and in other important cities of the country, especially if many people with that nationality reside there. In some exceptional cases there may be a consulate without an embassy, although with a different official status (honorary consulate).

Does Morocco have an embassy in your country?

Before you travel, you may be interested to know if the Kingdom of Morocco has embassies and consulates in your country. And there is a good chance of that happening, as Morocco has numerous permanent diplomatic missions around the world, including the major countries in economic and demographic terms, as well as most African countries.

This is the result of a foreign policy that has strengthened ties with many countries with which there were hardly any bilateral relations in the past. An example of this is the Agreement on the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco, signed in 2020.

This is a list of the most important ones, among which are the Anglo-Saxon countries and the major international tourism issuers:

  • Germany:
    • Embassy: Batschaft des Konigreichs Marokko Niederwall Str.39, 10117 BERLIN
    • Consulate in Düsseldorf: Cecilienallee 14 40474 DÜSSELDORF
    • Consulate in Frankfurt: OSTPARKSTRASSE,35 60385 FRANKFURT AM MAIN
  • Australia:
  • Austria:
    • Embassy: HASENAUERSTRASSE 57 / 1180 VIENNE
  • Canada:
    • Embassy: 1730 St Laurent Blvd #800, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3Y7
    • Consulate in Montreal: 2192,Boulevard René Lévesque Ouest Montreal,Quebec H3H 1R6
  • China:
    • Embassy: 041/042 Unit2, N°1, Gonti Beilu, Sanlitun Diplomatic Residence Compound, Chaoyang District Beijing 100600
  • South Korea:
    • Embassy: 1F; Jangmun-ro-32; Yongsan-gu; seoul postal code 04393
  • Denmark:
    • Embassy: Oregaards Allé 19, 2900 HELLERUP COPENHAGEN
  • United States:
    • Embassy: 3508 International Drive Nortwest, Washington, DC 20008
    • Consulate in New York: 10 EAST 40TH STREET 24TH FLOOR NEW YORK, NY 10016
  • France:
    • Embassy: 5, RUE LE TASSE 75 016 PARIS
    • Consulate in Agadir: Boulevard Mohamed Cheikh Saadi B.P. 267 – 80000 – Agadir
    • Consulate in Bastia: ROUTE NATIONALE 193 CASATORRA 20620 BIGUGLIA BASTIA
    • Consulate in Bordeaux: 12, RUE MEXICO 33200 BORDEAUX CAUDERAN
    • Consulate in Colombes: 89, Rue des Gros Grès – 92700 – Colombes
    • Consulate in Dijon: 26, RUE LOUIS DE BROGLIE – 21000 DIJON
    • Consulate in Strasbourg: 55,RUE du Conseil des Quinze – 67000 STRASBOURG
    • Consulate in Lille: 20 RUE DE BOURGOGNE 59000 LILLE
    • Consulate in Lyon: 2-4 rue Carry,69003 Lyon 3
    • Consulate in Marseille: 22, ALLEES LEON GAMBETTA 13001 MARSEILLE
    • Consulate in Montpellier: 16 RUE REMY BELLEAU BP 31007 34006 Montpellier cedex 01 MONTPELLIER
    • Consulate in Orleans: 6, AVENUE CLAUDE GUILLEMIN 45100
    • Consulate in Orly: 95/97, avenue de la victoire 94310,orly-ville
    • Consulate in Paris: 12 RUE DE LA SAIDA 75015 PARIS
    • Consulate in Pontoise: 7 Rue Thiers 95300 Pontoise
    • Consulate in Rennes: 19,BD DE SEVIGNE 35700 RENNES
    • Consulate in Toulouse: 5, Avenue Camille Pujol 31500 Toulouse
    • Consulate in Villemomble: 40,AVENUE DU RAINCY 93250 VILLEMOMBLE
  • India:
    • Embassy: C-7/5 VASANT VIHAR NEW DELHI 110057
  • Ireland:
    • Embassy: 39, Raglan Road, Ballsbridge, DUBLIN 4
  • Italy:
    • Embassy: Via Brenta, 12/16, 00198 Rome, 00198 Rome
    • Consulate in Bologna: Via Caduti Di Amola, N°30 BORGO PANIGALE – 40132 – Bologne
    • Consulate in Milan: VIA ADELE MARTIGNONI N° 10 – 20124 MILANO
    • Consulate in Naples: 9.VIA Amerigo vespucci NAPOLI
    • Consulate in Palermo: VIA NUNZIO MORELLO 2-4, – 90144 – PALERME
    • Consulate in Rome: Viale Carnaro,11-00141 Rome
    • Consulate in Turin: 27,VIA BELFIORE 10125 TORINO
    • Consulate in Verona: N°49 Via TORRICELLI VERONA c.a.p 37136
  • Japan:
    • Embassy: Minami Aoyama 5-4-30 Minao-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
  • Norway:
    • Embassy: HOLTEGATA – N°28 – 0355 – OSLO
  • The Netherlands:
    • Embassy: ORANJESTRAAT 9 2514 JB The Hague
    • Consulate in Amsterdam: vondel straat 65/67 1054 GK – Amsterdam
    • Consulate in Den Bosh: Larenweg 52 5234 KA Den Bosch
    • Consulate in Rotterdam: CALANDSTRAAT, 11 3016 CA ROTTERDAM
    • Consulate in Utrecht: KANAALWEG 95 D/E 3533 HH UTRECHT
  • Russia:
    • Embassy: Pretchistenski per 8, Moscow 119034
  • Sweden:
    • Embassy: Kungsholmstorg 16, 112 21 Stockholm
  • Switzerland:
    • Embassy: HELVETIASTRASSE 42 3005 BERNE
  • Turkey:
    • Embassy: Rabat Sok N° 32 G.O.P CUN KUYA . Ankara
    • Consulate in Istanbul: Levazim Mahallesi Korukent Sitesi Beyaz Kosk Aprt N° 46/2,Besiktas,Istanbul-Turquie 34340

In addition, mention may be made of the headquarters of some organizations for which the Kingdom of Morocco has an embassy, although they are not states as such:

  • Embassy of Morocco to the United Nations (UN): 866 SECOND AVENUE 6TH FLOOR N.Y.10017 NEW YORK
  • Embassy of Morocco to the United Nations (UN) in Europe (Genoa): 18A, CHEMIN FRANCOIS-LEHMANN, 1218 LE GRAND-SACONNEX -GENEVE CASE POSTALE 244
  • Embassy of Morocco to UNESCO: 1, RUE MIOLLIS, 75015, PARIS

What can you do at the Moroccan embassy/consulate?

At the Moroccan consulate and its embassy (through its ‘consular section’, located in the same building), you can carry out official formalities:

  • Collect tourist information about Morocco
  • Request and submit the necessary visa form (if your country’s nationals are required to do so).
  • Submit the rest of the documentation required to issue and collect your visa (if necessary).

What if there is no Moroccan embassy in your country?

If there is no Moroccan embassy or consulate in your country, you will have to go to the nearest embassy or consulate located in another country. You can also start the visa process on the official website for the electronic visa: Access Maroc. Through it you will also be able to formulate specific queries.

Does your country have an embassy in Morocco?

Knowing where your country’s embassy or consulate is located on Moroccan soil will come in handy if you have any unforeseen circumstances during your trip. That is to say, it is information that you will have to handle when you are already doing your tour in Morocco.

The vast majority of the embassies of other countries in Morocco are in Rabat, as it is the capital of the country. But some countries have also opened consulates in other cities, especially Casablanca, the most populous.

Below is a list of the postal addresses of the embassies in Morocco of Anglo-Saxon and international tourism sending countries. In addition, on the
official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
you will find a complete list of the other embassies, for example those of the many African countries that are represented on Moroccan territory:

  • Germany:
    • Embassy: 7, Rue Madnine – B.P. 235 – Rabat
    • Other addresses:
      • 12, Av. Mehdi Ben Barka Souissi – Rabat
  • Australia:
    • Embassy: c/- British Embassy’s Building: 28, Rue Prince Sidi Mohamed, Souissi 10105 (B.P45), Rabat
  • Austria:
    • Embassy: 2, Rue Tiddas 10010 B.P. 135 Hassan – Rabat
    • Other addresses:
      • Police Office: 75 Av. Moulay Ismail – Rabat
      • Commercial office: 45 Av. Hassan II – Casablanca
  • Canada:
    • Embassy: 66, Avenue Mehdi Ben Barka, Rabat
  • China:
    • Embassy: 16, Av. Ahmed Balafrej – Souissi – Rabat
    • Other addresses:
      • Cultural Office: 100, Rue Jaafar Essadiq Appt 3R. Belveder – Agdal – Rabat
      • Commercial Office: 2, Cadi Mekki El Bitaouri – Souissi – Rabat
  • South Korea:
    • Embassy: 41, Avenue Mehdi Ben Barka, Souissi, Rabat
  • Denmark:
    • Embassy: 14, Rue Tiddas and Angle Rue Roudana – Hassan – Rabat
  • United States:
    • Embassy: Km 5, 7 Av. Mohamed VI, Souissi, Rabat
    • Consulate in Casablanca: 8, Boulevard Moulay Youssef – Casablanca
    • Other addresses:
      • USA AID: 10, Av. Mehdi Ben Barka, Souissi – Rabat
      • Cultural Office: km 5, 7 Av. Mohamed VI, Souissi – Rabat
  • France:
    • Embassy: 1, Rue Ibn Hajar – Agdal – Rabat
    • Consulate in Agadir: Boulevard Mohamed Cheikh Saadi B.P. 267 – 80000 – Agadir
    • Consulate in Casablanca: Avenue du Prince Moulay Abdallah – Casablanca
    • Consulate in Fez: Avenue Abou Abeida Ibn Al Jarrah B.P. 2227 – Fès Ville Nouvelle
    • Consulate in Marrakech: Rue Camille Cabana – 40001 – Marrakech
    • Consulate in Rabat: 1, rue Aguelmane Sidi Ali – B.P. 139 – Rabat
    • Consulate in Tangier: 2, Place de France – B.P. 1281 – 90000 – Tangier
  • India:
    • Embassy: 88, Rue Oulad Tidrarine Souissi – Rabat
  • Ireland:
    • Embassy: Rabat Mahaj Ryad Centre, Avenue Attine Bâtiment 8, Hay Ryad, Rabat
    • Honorary Consulate in Casablanca: Résidence Al Hadi n°B, 5ème étage 57 Bd Abdelmoumen Rue Salim Cherkkaoui, Casablanca
  • Italy:
    • Embassy: 2, Rue Idriss El Azhar B.P. 111- Rabat
    • Consulate in Casablanca: 21, Avenue Hassan souktani – Casablanca
  • Japan:
    • Embassy: 39, Avenue Ahmed Balafrej, Souissi – Rabat
  • Norway:
    • Embassy: 6, Rue Béni Ritoune – Souissi – Rabat
  • The Netherlands:
    • Embassy: 40, Rue de Tunis – B.P. 329 – Tour Hassan -Rabat
  • Russia:
    • Embassy: Km 4, Avenue Mohammed VI – Souissi – Rabat
    • Consulate in Casablanca: 31, Rue Soumaya – Palmier – Casablanca
  • Sweden:
    • Embassy: 159, Av. Mohammed VI B.P. 428 – Souissi – Rabat
  • Switzerland:
    • Embassy: Square de Berkane, B.P. 169 – 10.000 Rabat
  • Turkey:
    • Embassy: 7, Av. Abdelkrim Benjelloun – Hassan – 10010 – Rabat
    • Other addresses:
      • Commercial Office: 8,rue Tiflet Hassan – 10010 Rabat
      • Commercial Office: Angle Bd d’Anfa et Rue d’Algérie, 2étage Appt 1 Casablanca

What can you do at your country's embassy/consulate in Morocco?

The embassy and consulates of your country in Morocco can get you out of trouble, as they offer certain emergency procedures that are often necessary to return home.

In this regard, the most common procedures are:

  • Issuance of a new passport or temporary laissez-passer. This is useful when, due to theft or loss, this important document is not available to board the plane and leave the country.
  • Request assistance if you have been detained by Moroccan authorities
  • Assistance or information in the transfer of mortal remains. The operation of everything will be managed by your insurer, but the consulate can provide assistance or information on a case-by-case basis.
  • Requesting assistance in case of natural disasters
  • Request any other type of help or information that you consider important and urgent during your tour in Morocco.

As you can see, knowing the location of the embassy of your country in Morocco and vice versa is interesting from many points of view. In any case, we remind you that if you travel with Chic Morocco, you will always have at your disposal the staff of our agency, who will be able to help you in case of need or unforeseen circumstances, not only to take you to the embassy or consulate but also to take you to a police station or to make an emergency phone call.

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