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Very Moroccan and very chic

At Chic Morocco, we know that every traveler is a unique story, with different desires and expectations. Therefore, we have created a space where Moroccan authenticity meets elegance and chic sophistication. Imagine waking up in a centuries-old riad, with handmade tiles and courtyards full of aromas, or relaxing in luxury hotels that reflect the purest essence of Morocco. That’s what we offer you: a carefully curated, tailor-made experience where every detail counts.

But beyond the destinations, what makes Chic Morocco special is our human approach. Each trip is personal, private, designed with you in mind. We don’t offer packages, we offer personalized dreams. Whether it is an intimate dinner in the Sahara dunes or a getaway to the Atlas Mountains, we guarantee exclusive and personalized attention.

Our heritage in
Mandala Tours
has taught us to know the Arab world like few others. As a Spanish company, we understand your expectations and concerns. Morocco is our home, and we want to show you its most authentic side, always with the seal of distinction and elegance that you deserve. Our promise is simple: to show you a Morocco where the traditional and the modern go hand in hand, all with the utmost charm and exclusivity.

Because in Chic Morocco we not only take you to Morocco, we introduce you to its soul, its essence, through experiences that transcend the ordinary. Ready to discover Morocco in a way you never imagined? Contact us, and together, we will chart the journey of your dreams.


Every great journey begins with a dream, and in 2011, ours came to life under the name of
Mandala Tours
. Our purpose went beyond being a mere travel agency; we wanted to be chroniclers of adventures, building bridges between different cultures and revealing the true essence of such enigmatic and captivating corners as the Arab world and the Middle East.

From the magical medinas of Morocco, our passion for the genuine led us directly to the ancient heart of Egypt, thus giving life to “The Egyptian Medina”.Egipto Exclusivo“. But we didn’t stop there: the vibrant pulse of Jordan called out to us, culminating in the creation of “Jordania Exclusiva“. Now, with the essence of those lands still in our souls, the time has come to return to our roots with “Chic Morocco“.

However, for us, travel does not mean simply moving from one place to another. It is to immerse oneself in the essence of each destination. We vehemently believe that every corner of the world has a melody and a story to share. That is why, since our inception, we have worked closely with local people who not only know their land, but also carry it in their hearts. At his side, each voyage becomes an odyssey back to the authentic, an intimate journey through the traditions and cultures that make up the vibrant soul of these wonderful destinations.

Chic Morocco
Chic Morocco - Mandala Tours Office

Mandala Tours is not just a name, it is a promise. A promise of discovery, of adventure, of authentic connection. Imagine discovering a story you’ve never heard before, a scent that transports you, a smile that invites you to stay. That’s what we offer: not just travel, but experiences that awaken the soul, challenge perceptions and connect hearts.

Deep down, we are more than an agency; we are your travel companion, your confidant in this adventure called discovery. At Mandala Tours, we create trips that feel like stories, and now, with Chic Morocco, we are ready to write a new chapter together. Will you join us on this journey?

The keys to Chic Morocco

To make you feel at home, our service is based on:

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Permanent attention 24/7.

We will always be with you or, at least, available to solve any situation during the trip.

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Tailor-made trips.

Although we have a wide variety of circuits, we can tailor it to your needs and preferences.

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5-star quality.

We carefully select our suppliers so that their level of excellence meets your expectations.

Crown jewel of a successful group in the Islamic world

Chic Morocco is part of Mandala Tours, a group of agencies based in different countries of the Muslim world or its immediate surroundings, such as Egypt, Jordan or Israel. All of them share the same philosophy based on travel as a tool for intercultural dialogue and the overcoming of prejudices.

They enjoy great prestige and a wide presence among travelers from the Spanish-speaking world, but with Chic Morocco we want to go one step further, we want to go one step higher: we are opening up to customers from all over the world, and from the English-speaking world in particular. And for this, there is only one way: the highest quality service, good taste in every detail and exquisite personal treatment.

Mandala Tours began its journey in 2011, precisely here in Morocco. Since then, growth has been exponential, overcoming difficult times for international tourism. And this has been possible because this growth has been based on the best of pillars: the satisfaction of our travelers.

Therefore, in 2023 we have been able to make the great leap to the exclusivity demanded by the Anglo-Saxon client: after acquiring solid experience on the ground and knowing all the destinations in Morocco inside out, we bring out our chic side to reach you.

Who makes Chic Morocco possible

When you board the flight home, with an unforgettable journey already in your heart, we will have achieved our goal. And that is the result of a choral work in which many professionals participate. Some of them, in person, becoming the visible face of Chic Morocco. Others will have done their best behind the spotlight, working quietly but crucial to the success of the trip.

Carlos Gallego Fernández, CEO of Mandala Tours
Carlos Gallego
CEO and Founder of Chic Morocco and Mandala Tours

Carlos Gallego is the dreamer who imagined this project, but also the tireless worker who has given his all to make it a reality. And that is why Mandala Tours and Chic Morocco carry his signature.

Born and raised in Ceuta, a Spanish city located on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar and therefore in African territory, surrounded by Morocco. The mixture of cultures is the hallmark of this place, and Gallego assimilated it in the most natural way: playing with his friends of other religions since he learned to walk.

His love for Morocco, moreover, was instilled in him by his grandfather, a profound connoisseur of the country. His trips across the border became more and more frequent as he burned through life’s stages, until travel became his very way of life, through Mandala Tours.

As an entrepreneur, he does not shy away from any challenge, but with his feet on the ground and with the conviction that, in order to grow, it is necessary to have a solid base and to surround himself with the best team.

Rachid Ait Khouya
Rachid Aid Khouya
Morocco Office Manager

Rachid is the person piloting the Chic Morocco ship. And he does it with the passion and love for his land that he already had when he got behind the wheel of a 4×4 in the desert, in the beginnings of our agency. He is currently in charge of Chic Morocco’s land services, as he is the director of our office in Morocco.

Born in the Sahara, he carries in his blood the hospitality of the desert people. Raised in Barcelona, he assimilated the cosmopolitan character of that city, becoming convinced that tourism was the sector in which he wanted to deploy his skills.

But for Rachid, tourism is not just a long way to take his professional career: tourism is, above all, a tool to bring people together and to make known the natural and cultural beauty of his country, Morocco… which will also be yours after your trip, thanks to the personal touch that Rachid gives to our services.

Leticia Mata Chic Morocco
Leticia Mata
Head of Administration

Leticia Mata is, quite simply, the person who makes sure your trip goes perfectly. Behind closed doors, her role as head of administration makes Mandala Tours run like a well-oiled machine. But behind closed doors, it performs a silent but essential job on every trip: checking documentation, confirming reservations, controlling the quality of suppliers… and many other essential tasks.

In addition to order, effort and seriousness, Leticia Mata has other social skills that are key to her work: patience and empathy. And she has been putting them into practice since her training and early work experience as a social worker and educator.

In fact, Leticia Mata is the coordinator of Mandala Tours, our group’s NGO whose main mission is to improve the living conditions of the people in the countries where we work.

Ayoub Amrani
Ayoub Amrani
Private and tailor-made travel advisor

For Chic Morocco no two travelers are alike. Each trip is unique and different. Ayoub Amrani, private and tailor-made travel consultant, is in charge of this. To achieve this, he bases his work on his permanent vocation to help and on his deep academic training, with cultural and social degrees and masters at the prestigious university of his city, Fez.

Despite being an expert in his beloved Fez, Amrani knows Morocco in depth and the possibilities it offers to travelers from different countries. He puts the best of himself in each circuit and designs proposals adapted to any profile, as if he were planning it for his loved ones.

Despite his cultural profile, with a special passion for literature, he also has a predilection for Morocco’s nature, knowing that it hides a special magic. Therefore, if you put yourself in Amrani’s hands, you can be sure that the circuit will be as varied, rich and chic as you can imagine.

Redwane Alami
Redwane Alami
Private and tailor-made travel advisor

Imagine a trip designed especially for you, taking into account every detail, every moment, every experience. That is what Redwane Alami offers at Chic Morocco. A trip that is not just a trip, but an unforgettable journey, a life experience.

Redwane Alami, with a bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies and a master’s degree in ‘Alliance of Civilizations and Religious Dialogue’ from the Dhar El Mehrez-Fez Faculty of Humanities, is not only an expert on Moroccan culture and history, but is passionate about his homeland and all it has to offer.

Passionate about reading, sports and technology, Redwane is a multifaceted person who understands that every traveler is unique and seeks different experiences. His academic background and diverse interests allow him to understand travelers from different points of view and adapt to their needs and desires.

By trusting Redwane, you are not only choosing an expert in Morocco, but someone who understands the value of experiences, the importance of details and the magic of travel. Someone who will give you a journey full of discoveries, adventures and learning, with the level of elegance and exclusivity that only Chic Morocco can offer.

... and many other suppliers

Although these are the most important people in Chic Morocco, during your trip you will meet many other professionals, who may be agency staff or external suppliers. And all of them are selected to offer the best version of themselves, which in turn means showing the best version of Chic Morocco and Morocco in general.

Drivers, local guides, camel drivers, host staff in riads, campsites and other accommodations… Our commitment is to offer you the best of Morocco, with a continuous and careful selection of professionals who will serve you.

But above all, Chic Morocco is YOU

Our team brings experience, knowledge and passion to carry out this project. But the real engine that drives our ship is you. From the moment you contact us until we say goodbye to you at the airport, we strive to show you the most authentic and genuine side of Morocco, so that you love it as we love it, so that you feel it as your second home to come back to whenever you want.

Chic Morocco exists because of you. Chic Morocco you do it.


Ibn Battuta, traveler and explorer of Tangier in the 14th century

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