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An ideal destination to disconnect at any time of the year.

Agadir is a lively and active city for its more than 600,000 inhabitants, but at the same time it is a peaceful destination for its visitors, who value above all its sun and beaches. In recent times it has been able to develop proposals aimed at premium travelers, making it one of the most important cities in Chic Morocco’s catalog.

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Where is Agadir?

Agadir is on the Atlantic coast, in the south of the country. Its location is privileged not only because of its southern latitude, but also because it is in a bay sheltered from its surroundings by a hill that, as we explain below, has become one of its main tourist attractions.

Its climate is warm practically all year round, with more than 300 days of sunshine. However, the Atlantic breeze that caresses its coastline tempers the temperatures in the hottest months of the year and makes this coastline a very popular destination for surfing and related water sports.

It is the capital of a vast region called Sus-Masa, which extends from the Atlantic coast to the heart of the Sahara desert. It is the most populated city in the area, as its surroundings lack large cities, which reinforces its role as a destination of disconnection for many travelers.

How to get to Agadir?

How to get to Agadir?

These are the distances that separate it from other tourist destinations in the country:

  • Casablanca: 460 km
  • Rabat: 540 km
  • Ouarzazate: 350 km
  • Essaouira: 170 km
  • Marrakech: 250 km
  • Asilah: 760 km
  • Fez: 750 km
  • Merzouga: 650 km
  • Tangier: 800 km
  • Chaouen: 800 km
  • Al Hoceima: 1,010 km

The best way to get directly to Agadir is by plane: given its great international projection as a sun and beach destination all year round, the airport of Agadir-Al Massira (about 25 km from the city) has an intense activity of tourist flights from many countries, such as Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom or France. It is also connected by regular flights to other Moroccan cities, such as Fez, Rabat, Tangier and Casablanca.

Another way to get to Agadir is through a cruise, in circuits that usually stop in the Canary Islands. However, these cruises are always of a private nature, and there are no regular ferry lines from the port of this city.

Given its remoteness from the rest of the country’s cities, road connections are long, especially public transport solutions. Moreover, Agadir is not currently integrated into Morocco’s railroad network, not even by conventional trains, although a high-speed connection to Marrakech is planned for the future.

Therefore, traveling by car to Agadir makes more sense if you arrive as part of a tourist circuit from cities like Marrakech or Casablanca, and stopping in other intermediate cities of interest, such as Essaouira and Taghazout, or as the end of a trip from Marrakech in search of relaxation, sun and beach.

Agadir: history and context

Agadir is not the most monumental city in the country, nor is it the one with the most historical remains still standing. The reason is simple: in 1960 it suffered a devastating earthquake that destroyed 80% of the urban area, causing not only a humanitarian tragedy with nearly 15,000 fatalities, but also a great loss of property.

Therefore, when speaking of the history of Agadir, it is necessary to make an exercise of imagination, because very little remains of its past, which, by the way, goes far back in time: it is usually identified with the Phoenician Gadir. In the 15th and 16th centuries it was an important strategic enclave for the Portuguese during their military and commercial expansion across the Atlantic.

In 1541 it was conquered by the troops of Mohammed ech-Cheik, founder of the Saadian dynasty, which led to great prosperity immediately afterwards, thanks in large part to the export of gold, dates, furs, wax and, above all, sugar. But the decline of sugar cane cultivation caused Agadir to go into decline, accentuated by the decision of the Alaouite Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah to promote the port of Essaouira.

Thus, during the 19th century and until World War II it remained a small fishing and farming village. When the earthquake struck Agadir in 1960, these two primary sector activities were experiencing a certain boom. And when it was reborn from the ashes, it did so as a major industrial center for fish processing and, above all, as a major resort for Western tourists.

What to see in Agadir

Why travel to Agadir

Spending a vacation in Agadir is a very easy decision to make for most tourists, who know its potential. But if you need convincing, here are some of the compelling reasons that can tip the scales in favor of this Atlantic city:

  1. It is a perfectly equipped destination to enjoy sun and beach vacations. Starting with its sunny and warm climate throughout the year, followed by its miles of natural beaches suitable for swimming and ending with the spectacular resorts that exist on the beachfront, with swimming pool and other services included.
  2. It is a favorite destination for premium travelers. One of the ‘culprits’ of this is its seaport, which in recent years has positioned itself as an interesting marina where private and sport boats dock, and with facilities equipped with restaurants and luxury accommodations.
  3. A city with a Moroccan atmosphere: unlike other coastal destinations in the world, where life revolves around the tourist and is therefore somewhat artificial, here in Agadir it is possible to find a rhythm of life properly Moroccan, since the city not only lives from tourism but also from its important fishing industry. This allows its people to continue to enjoy their small daily traditions, such as open-air markets brimming with spices and handicrafts.
  4. One of the biggest folk music festivals in Morocco: if your trip is to be held in July, it may coincide with one of the most important events in the Moroccan music scene, the Timidar festival. It brings together national and international folklore groups, with special mention to Amazigh (Berber) music.
  5. A good destination for surf lovers: there is no doubt that this corner of the Moroccan Atlantic coast has become one of the great surfing destinations in the world. And so you will discover if you do not mind moving a few kilometers to the outskirts of Agadir, where you will find really iconic spots such as Taghazout.
  6. Nature, different and in its purest state: south of Agadir you will find unspoiled beaches and natural corners where the hand of man is barely visible. In particular, the Souss-Massa National Park, which combines a desert and coastal ecosystem, where traditional Berber communities still live and where (with a bit of luck) endangered animal species such as the ibis eremita can be spotted.
  7. A good golf destination: around Agadir you will find vast green expanses, which are newly created golf courses with spectacular layouts.
  8. Finally, a factor that will facilitate your decision is the convenient air connection you will find to get here: its airport not only receives direct flights from major European cities, but it is also relatively close to Agadir, just 25 km away.

What you can't miss

As we said, the devastating earthquake that struck Agadir in 1960 explains the scarcity of historical monuments that remain standing. However, the little that remains is worth knowing and visiting, something that can be interesting as a cultural pastime within a vacation stay of several days. In addition, other leisure proposals have emerged since then that attract many tourists during their vacations. This is a list of the main ones, both in the city and its surroundings:

  • Kasbah
  • Panoramic cable car to the Kasbah mountain
  • Corniche
  • Amazigh Heritage Museum
  • Agadir Museum of Memory
  • Valley of the Birds (zoological park)
  • Olhao Garden
  • Medina Polizzi (handicraft center)
  • Agadir Dolphin Park
  • Souss-Massa National Park
Agadir Beaches

Agadir for a premium traveler

As we said, one of the great attractions of Agadir is its role as a premium tourist destination. Leisure infrastructures such as the marina and golf courses are some of the elements that make the difference, but not the only ones. Here are some of the most interesting services for high-end travelers:

Luxury hotels (5 stars):

  • Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa: Offers a premium seaside experience with a renowned thalassotherapy spa.
  • Royal Atlas & Spa: Located on the seafront, this hotel combines luxury and modernity, with a spa and several swimming pools.
  • Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay: A luxury resort located in Taghazout, just outside Agadir, known for its facilities and golf course.
  • Riu Palace Tikida Agadir: A hotel with stunning gardens, multiple pools and direct access to the beach.
  • Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech: Although located a little further away from Agadir, it is an oasis of luxury in the Moroccan landscape.

Luxury restaurants:

  • Pure Passion: Overlooking the marina, it is known for its high quality international and Moroccan cuisine.
  • Le Jardin d’eau: Offers a mix of French and Moroccan cuisine in an elegant setting.
  • Le Nil Bleu: Specialized in seafood, it is ideal to taste the best of the Atlantic.
  • Côté Court: Located in the Sofitel, it stands out for its refined gastronomy.

Golf courses:

  • Golf du Soleil: A 36-hole golf course offering different levels of difficulty in a breathtaking landscape.
  • Tazegzout Golf: Located near Taghazout Bay, it offers challenging courses overlooking the ocean.
  • Golf de l’Océan: A wide course stretching over dunes and forests.

Premium zones or services:

  • Marina Agadir: It is the perfect place to see luxury yachts and has high-end stores and restaurants.

As you can see, there are many proposals that position Agadir as a great pole of premium tourism. But if you want to design a tailor-made trip and book personalized quality services, just contact Chic Morocco: we can organize your vacation in this sun and beach destination, or a more extensive tour of the country with this city as a starting, ending or passing through point, but always up to your expectations.

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