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Destinations of interest in all cardinal directions

Morocco is a palette of experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you are attracted by the murmur of its ancient medinas or the peaceful silence of its vast deserts, every corner of the country promises a story and an unforgettable memory.

Beyond its iconic destinations, Morocco also holds secrets in its winding alleys, majestic mountains and villages anchored in time. Places where beauty is so palpable that it seems you can touch it. To help you map out your ideal itinerary and not miss any of these gems, we have classified these destinations based on their geographic location.

Dive with us into each section and access detailed information about these fascinating places. We will equip you with everything you need to know so that, regardless of the cardinal point you choose, you will find in Morocco a journey full of discoveries and wonders.

Northern Morocco encompasses areas that are very different from each other, but relatively close by road. The northernmost part of the Atlantic has some of the most interesting destinations (Asilah) and the same is true of the entire Mediterranean coast (Al Hoceima), which has grown thanks to holiday tourism. And between one coast and the other, the Strait of Gibraltar, where Tangier stands out. In addition, if we move a few kilometers inland, we find authentic tourist jewels of the country, such as Chaouen and Tetouan. For all these reasons and because of its proximity to Europe, many travelers focus on this geographical area for their trip.

There are four, and all of them are interesting, as evidenced by their designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They have in common having been capitals of the kingdom, which led to the emergence of large buildings and monuments. Rabat is the current capital of the country and hosts important symbols of the State. Marrakech is the ‘tourist center’ of Morocco, due to the number of travelers it receives each year. Fez is still considered the cultural and religious capital of the country, with world-class craftsmanship and sites of great spiritual significance. And Meknes is an interesting surprise very close to this city, which facilitates its tourist visit.

From Casablanca to the south, kilometers and kilometers of Atlantic coastline extend, punctuated with cities of maximum interest, such as the picturesque Essaouira or the aforementioned Casablanca, the most populated and frenetic. But as a counterpoint, there are other destinations that base their activity on sun and beach tourism throughout the year (Agadir). And there are still little-known destinations where unspoiled beaches and water activities adapted to these unique environments reign, such as surfing and its variants (kitesurfing, windsurfing) or sailing in private boats.

South of the Atlas Mountains lies a vast territory that never ceases to fascinate. On the one hand, the pre-Saharan valleys, full of palm oases (Dades, Draa), whimsical natural features (Todra Gorges) and Berber fortresses (Ait Ben Haddou) that stand the test of time. But those who dare to go further reach the always magical Sahara desert, with corners as pure and majestic as the dunes of Erg Chebbi or Erg Chegaga. And in between, small towns full of charm, where life goes on at the same pace as centuries ago.

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