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Information for your trip to Morocco

Practical Guide for the Traveler in Morocco

Before embarking on your Moroccan adventure, it is essential to arm yourself with valuable information that will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Knowing the finer details of a destination not only enriches your experience, but also facilitates your adaptation and understanding of the cultural and practical environment around you.

For this reason, we have created this“Practical Information” section, specially designed to guide you through the particularities and details that characterize Morocco. From traditions and customs, to tips on how to get around its vibrant streets and bazaars, you’ll find everything you need to feel comfortable and safe during your trip.

Click on the following pages to dive into this world of knowledge that we have prepared for you, ensuring you an authentic and enriching experience in the heart of Morocco with Chic Morocco.

An overall photo

On this page we show you a ‘general picture’ of Morocco, as a summary: its main state symbols, its population and demographic situation, its geographic and administrative division, etc. Undoubtedly, information that will allow you to understand and assimilate everything you will see around you during the trip.

Geography, climate and when to travel

Morocco’s geography and climate are closely related and will greatly influence the organization of your trip. This will depend on the selected luggage, the precautions you should take in terms of health and, ultimately, the most appropriate dates to travel to one region or another, as we tell you here.

How to get there and how to get around

You can travel to Morocco in different ways, mainly by plane or ferry. And once in Morocco, you will need to get around the different cities and regions effectively, especially if you are touring the country. On this page we explain all the transport solutions you have in your hand.

Visas and bureaucratic formalities

Many travelers do not need a visa to enter Morocco. But nationals of some countries will have to do so. In addition, there is a series of bureaucratic procedures that must be completed by those who carry in their luggage objects subject to control. We talk about all this in this page, which is essential to be able to access the country without incidents.

Embassies from/to Morocco

There are many embassies and consulates of Morocco around the world. And many countries have their own representation on Moroccan territory. Here is a list of the most important embassies and consulates in both cases, where you may need to go for some bureaucratic formalities related to your trip.

Money: currency and prices

Do you know the currency of Morocco? And how much is the exchange rate compared to that of your country? What are the most common payment methods? Would you like to know the approximate cost of living in Morocco? These are some of the details that we discuss in depth on this page dedicated to everyday economics.

Health and sanitation

Morocco is a country that does not pose special health risks for foreign travelers. But it never hurts to know which vaccinations are recommended or mandatory to visit the country and how its public and private health system works, in case you need to resort to it to solve any mishap during your trip.

Travelers with special considerations

On this page we provide information of interest to some groups that, due to their special situation, need to pay more attention during their trip. This is the case of families with small children, travelers with pets, women moving around the country alone, tourists with some kind of disability and LGTBi people.

Useful tips

All travelers, whatever their destination and profile, will appreciate the useful tips we show on this page, as they cover such important and everyday topics as climate, health, money and communications. Bargaining, protection against heat or the use of cell phones are some of the aspects that we develop here.

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