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The keys to Chic Morocco

To make you feel at home, our service is based on:

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Permanent attention 24/7.

We will always be with you or, at least, available to solve any situation during the trip.

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Tailor-made trips.

Although we have a wide variety of circuits, we can tailor it to your needs and preferences.

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5-star quality.

We carefully select our suppliers so that their level of excellence meets your expectations.

Premium Experiences: Tailor-made Morocco with Chic Morocco

Welcome to Chic Morocco, where luxury and authenticity meet to offer you unparalleled travel experiences. Specializing in private travel, we pride ourselves on curating tailor-made experiences that reflect the true essence of Morocco, taking personalized service to a new level. From tented camps in the heart of the desert to exclusive walks in hidden corners, golf days on sculpted courses and maritime adventures on luxury boats, every detail is designed for the discerning traveler. But that’s just the beginning. Morocco is a land of endless possibilities and we are here to discover them with you. Whatever your passion or desire, Chic Morocco will transform your dreams into tangible realities. Dare to experience Morocco at its best.


Experience the essence of the Moroccan desert from the unparalleled comfort of our luxury tents. Under a starry blanket, it combines the serenity of the landscape with premium amenities for a magical night.

Personal Shopper Morocco
personal shopper

Be guided by experts as you explore Morocco’s most exclusive bazaars and markets. Our Personal Shopper service makes sure you discover hidden treasures and get authentic pieces with a personalized shopping experience.

Boat Ride
Boat trips

Sail the Moroccan waters in luxury boats. Feel the sea breeze and let yourself be enveloped by spectacular panoramic views, while you relax on a ride designed for the most demanding sea lovers.

Golf in Morocco

Lose yourself in sculpted greens amidst desert and coastal landscapes. Our golf courses offer a challenge for the experienced player and an aesthetic enjoyment unparalleled in the world of golf.

Private transportation

Get around in style and comfort. Our fleet of luxury vehicles ensures that each trip is an experience in itself, combining the elegance, safety and privacy you deserve.

Exclusive and reserved tours

Discover Morocco from a unique perspective. We offer tours designed to provide you with exclusive experiences, avoiding the crowds and accessing places reserved only for a privileged few.

Personalized Travel: Your Morocco, Your Story

Immerse yourself in a journey where every step resonates with your desires and aspirations. At Chic Morocco, we believe that each traveler is unique and, as such, deserves an experience that reflects his or her essence. Beyond the premium experiences we offer, we invite you to co-create your adventure, to draw a map that follows the rhythm of your heartbeat and the melody of your dreams. Morocco is a canvas waiting for your brush strokes; from the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the golden sands of the Sahara, there are stories waiting to be written. With our deep knowledge and passion for the Moroccan land, we guide you on this journey of self-discovery and wonder. Because in Chic Morocco, you are not just a traveler, you are the protagonist of your own epic.


Ibn Battuta, traveler and explorer of Tangier in the 14th century
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