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Private and tailor-made trips to Morocco

Morocco is not only an exotic destination, it is a gateway to unparalleled experiences, and its airports are the gateway to this universe of discoveries. Whatever your starting point, whether in a vibrant city or a quiet oasis, Morocco invites you to embark on a variety of journeys, whether circular or linear.

Chic Morocco understands the diversity of travelers’ desires and times. For this reason, we have designed tours to Morocco of varying lengths, ensuring that there is always one perfectly tailored to your available days and adventure desires. No matter where you come from or how much time you can dedicate; at Chic Morocco we are committed to make that trip to Morocco you have always dreamed of a reality.

From Tangier

Tangier not only has a large airport, but also an urban port that connects the city with the south of Spain and Europe. Therefore, this is one of the main entry routes to the country from the Old Continent. Being in the Strait of Gibraltar, starting your circuit here can be a good idea if you have special interest in the north of the country. This can be done with short circuits starting at only 5 days. But you will also find the opposite: tours of more than two weeks that will take you all over the country, from north to south.

From Casablanca

Casablanca, being the largest city in Morocco, also has the airport with the highest passenger traffic. So if your flight brings you here, you can choose one of the many circuits that start in this vibrant metropolis. In this way, the Atlantic Ocean can be your best starting point, and from there you can reach nearby destinations such as the Imperial Cities, or other more distant ones such as the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and even the north of Morocco.

From Fez

Nestled in the center of Morocco, Fez has a strategic position to start your tour. In just one day you can travel to destinations in the north, south or Atlantic coast, so it can be a perfect place to start any sightseeing tour. Many of them end in Marrakech, and to get there you can include countless destinations on the way, always fascinating: the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert or the other two Imperial Cities are some examples of the many existing possibilities.

From Marrakech

Marrakech is the most visited city by tourists. And that accounts for the wide variety of circuits that can start and/or end here. If you land at Marrakech Menara International Airport, countless options open up before you, which can take you to the heart of the desert in just 3 days, take you to the pristine beaches of the Atlantic in just over a week or cross the entire country from south to north in 14 days. For all these reasons, choosing this city as a starting point will always be a wise decision for your trip.









... And if you want, we can design a circuit for you.

Our catalog of tours in Morocco is designed to seduce and conquer travelers of any profile, and with the highest expectations of quality. But if you have another idea in your mind, either to start the route, conclude it or reformulate it, do not hesitate to let us know. Chic Morocco has travel agents who know the destinations listed here and many others that may also be of interest in certain cases.

Spa experiences in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean, themed trips around a sporting activity, circuits focused on the most genuine traditions or the wildest landscapes, shopping tours through the most exclusive stores in the cities… Whatever your travel idea is, our agency will take care of making it ‘chic’.

The keys to Chic Morocco

To make you feel at home, our service is based on:

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Permanent attention 24/7.

We will always be with you or, at least, available to solve any situation during the trip.

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Tailor-made trips.

Although we have a wide variety of circuits, we can tailor it to your needs and preferences.

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5-star quality.

We carefully select our suppliers so that their level of excellence meets your expectations.

Opiniones y testimonios de nuestros viajeros

How about a combined trip?

Among those proposals that are ‘out of catalog’ are the combined circuits through Morocco and another country, a variant in which our agency is an expert. By scheduling a mid-route flight, we can design a dream trip through Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Dubai, Spain… and many other countries. Chic Morocco is an agency of the Mandala Tours group, with offices or trusted partners in these other destinations that, in one way or another, have some relation with Morocco.

So if you are able to dream it, Chic Morocco will be able to turn it into travel and make it a reality.

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