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The Atlantic Coast of Morocco is one of the country’s most interesting tourist areas. It boasts attractions from a natural, cultural, and artistic perspective. And of course, it offers spectacular beaches for everyone to enjoy. Therefore, at Chic Morocco, we extensively cover this sector of the country: we are specialists in its main destinations and can organize any type of trip there, whether in the form of a circuit or a vacation getaway.

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What we mean by the Moroccan Atlantic Coast

In the strictest sense of the term, the Atlantic Coast of Morocco stretches roughly from Cape Spartel to the country’s southern tip, encompassing an oceanic coastline of over 1,300 km (about 2,300 km in total, if we also count Western Sahara).

However, we include the most northern part of the Atlantic coast in the North and Mediterranean area, due to its proximity to destinations in that area (Tangier, Tetouan, etc.). This allows for circuits that include Atlantic coastal cities, such as Asilah or Larache.

On the other hand, Rabat, which is also bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, is included in the concept of Imperial Cities, as it shares a set of common characteristics with them and enjoys communication facilities that facilitate travel between these cities.

Therefore, from a tourist point of view, what is really considered the Atlantic Coast of Morocco is the coastal strip from Casablanca to the south. In this city and its immediate surroundings, the population density is high, and the interest of the trip lies in culture and leisure.

But as we travel kilometers to the south, the coast becomes increasingly natural, and its tourist destinations more vacation-oriented, culminating in Agadir, the true symbol of sun and beach tourism. In its surroundings, there are also the best places in the country for surfing and water sports.

Destinations on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco



It is the most populous city in Morocco. Although its historical-artistic heritage is not as exuberant as other destinations in the country, it has interesting proposals for tourists who visit. Especially for travelers with a premium profile, as it is considered the real economic and financial capital of Morocco.

el jadida

El Jadida

It is one of the few Moroccan cities that can boast of being a World Heritage Site. And that is a clear sign that it possesses an interesting historical ensemble, built mostly by the Portuguese. An imposing maritime fortress is preserved, as well as a unique cistern and other buildings from that period.



Also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, largely thanks to its Portuguese defensive enclosure and a walled medina from the 18th century that was designed according to Western urbanistic standards. In addition, it has a magnificent natural environment and a great sensitivity for its folklore.

Atlantic Coast


A symbol of Morocco’s vacation tourism, it is an ideal sun and beach destination all year round, especially in the European winter season. Although scarce in historical monuments, it has numerous resorts, a maritime port, and premium services, as well as a variety of air connections at its airport, which supplies it with travelers in all seasons.

Other destinations

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