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The Atlantic Coast of Morocco

Beaches, nature, culture and historical monuments

The Atlantic Coast of Morocco is one of the most interesting tourist areas of the country. It has attractions from the natural, cultural and artistic point of view. And of course, it offers spectacular beaches for everyone to enjoy. That is why at Chic Morocco we deal extensively with this sector of the country: we are specialists in its main destinations and we can organize any type of trip through it, whether it is a tour or a holiday break.

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Defining the Moroccan Atlantic Coast

In the strictest sense, the Atlantic Coast of Morocco stretches from Cape Spartel to the southernmost point of the country, encompassing over 1,300 km of ocean coastline (or about 2,300 km if one includes the Western Sahara).

Yet, the northern section of the Atlantic coast is categorized under the ‘North and Mediterranean’ zone due to its closeness to popular destinations like Tangier and Tetouan. This classification enables the creation of circuits that incorporate Atlantic coastal towns like Asilah or Larache.

Conversely, Rabat, although it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, is classified under ‘Imperial Cities’. This is because it shares several features with these cities and boasts transportation links that make travel between them convenient.

Therefore, from a tourist’s perspective, the actual ‘Atlantic Coast’ of Morocco is the stretch from Casablanca southwards. In and around this city, there is a high population density, and the attractions lie in the realms of culture and leisure.

However, as one journeys further south, the coast transforms, becoming increasingly pristine, and its tourist spots gradually shift from cultural destinations to holiday resorts. This transformation culminates in Agadir, the epitome of sun and beach tourism. In its vicinity, one can also find the country’s prime locations for surfing and other water sports.

Exploring Morocco's Atlantic Coast Destinations


It is the most populated city in Morocco. Although its historical-artistic heritage is not as exuberant as that of other destinations in the country, it has interesting proposals for tourists who come to visit it. Especially for travelers with a premium profile, as it is considered the true economic and financial capital of Morocco.

El Jadida

It is one of the few Moroccan cities that can boast of being a World Heritage Site. And that is a clear sign that it has an interesting historical ensemble, built mainly by the Portuguese. An imposing maritime fortress is preserved, as well as a unique cistern and other buildings from that period.


It has also been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, thanks in large part to its Portuguese defensive enclosure and an 18th century walled medina that has the particularity of having been designed according to Western urban planning canons. In addition, it has a magnificent natural environment and a great sensitivity for its folklore.


Icon of Moroccan holiday tourism, it is an ideal destination for sun and beach all year round, especially in the European winter season. Although it lacks historical monuments, it has numerous resorts, a seaport and premium services, as well as a wide range of air connections at its airport, which provides it with travelers at all times of the year.

Other destinations

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