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4 chic experiences in Marrakech

If we had to choose a chic city in Morocco, it would probably be Marrakech. The most prominent city in terms of tourism is also the one that has most integrated the new trends of success among premium and international travelers. Therefore, in this post we review 4 chic experiences in Marrakech, which you can live during the moments of leisure that the circuit will leave you as it passes through this city.

Dining in a restaurant with a panoramic terrace

One of the most fashionable experiences in the evening atmosphere of Marrakech is to dine in a restaurant with a terrace. But not just any terrace, but a panoramic one overlooking the historic medina or other areas of this city. One of them is Dar Dar, a rooftop bar with spectacular views of the Koutoubia mosque and a cuisine based on the fusion between traditional and modern.

Another restaurant with a terrace in the center is Kabaná, very fashionable lately among the young public: its views of the minaret of the Koutoubia are even closer and its menu with light dishes that go well with a cocktail are some reasons that explain it.

Actually, the trend of restaurants with terrace comes from behind, and a good example of this is the Café des Epices, one of the most classic and mythical of Marrakech, from where you can watch the bustle of the Jemaa el-Fna Square.

Having a drink in a distinguished and elegant venue

For those looking for after-dinner fun, this city is also one of the most appropriate. In fact, one of the chic experiences in Morocco is to have a drink in a stylish place, such as the piano bar located in the Jardins de la Koutoubia hotel, which is not only reserved for guests. Its panoramic views, in this case, are to be enjoyed with a good cocktail in hand.

In this area, there are also classic and historic establishments that are still in good health, such as the Grand Café, especially among Marrakech’s most select visitors. Its colonial decoration and its Frenchified atmosphere are in harmony with the modernist air of the neighborhood where it is located: the Gueliz.

Shopping in the Gueliz

But the Gueliz is not only a neighborhood of modernist style, what at the beginning of the century was called the Ville Nouvelle, but it is also a modern neighborhood by the character of its clothing and accessories stores. In fact, it is the preferred area for shopping, since the most international brands and the most select local boutiques are located here.

Some examples are Zara, Mango, H&M, Lee Cooper, Lacoste or Adidas, while local boutiques often point to the ethno-chic style that is so fashionable among Moroccans themselves and visitors to the country. Max & Jan or Aya’s Marrakech are some of the examples that can be cited.

Bathing in a premium hammam

And after an intense day of shopping, what could be better than relaxing in an exclusive hammam? These wellness centers are inspired by the classic hammams ( we told you about in this post ), but they go much further and incorporate services and treatments typical of the most modern spas.

Without a doubt, if we had to make a compilation of four, they could well be Les Bains du Lotus, Les Bains d’Azahara, Les Bains d’Orient and the Heritage Spa, all of them in the city’s medina.

As you can see, chic experiences in Marrakech are the order of the day, so you’ll have no problem including one or more of them when you’re here. And don’t hesitate to ask our staff for information if you need it.

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