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Agadir chic: exclusive suggestions in this destination

Thanks to its tourist attraction and the arrival of travelers practically all year round, there is a chic Agadir that may be of interest to those seeking the most exclusive and select side of the city. In this post we try to give you some hints to inspire you for your trip.

The Marina and its surroundings

To speak of chic Agadir is to speak of its Marina: this marina, which attracts more and more cruise ships and private fortunes, is also a pole of attraction for the most exclusive services and premises.

This is especially evident in terms of restaurants : different fish restaurants have been established in its facilities, taking advantage of the activity of its fishing port and the fresh fish that can be found here. A good example is Les Blancs, but also 33 Yacht Adress, with a Moroccan touch on the menu. La Madrague has a more Mediterranean taste, while Pure Passion offers a more international style but without renouncing argan oil (so present in the region) for some of its creations.

Outside the Marina, you have to go to the large resort area, in the southern sector of the large beach, to find restaurants of a similar level, such as La Scala. And you also have to move away from the port to find the main nightclubs of Agadir, such as Le So, considered the most modern and sophisticated of the city.

On the other hand, those who prefer to relax over a coffee or a drink with a good view of the sea will find Jour et Nuit the best option, on the beachfront, with a panoramic terrace.

Chic can also be a swim at the beach, especially if you go to one of the private beaches of the city, with entrance and paid services, in the surroundings of the big hotels. Two of them stand out above the rest, such as Palm Beach and Sunset Beach.

Wellness: another chic element of Agadir

Despite being an increasingly exclusive holiday destination, Agadir lacks a shopping area where the major fashion brands are concentrated. Only in the Marina you can find some international stores, but not exactly luxury. In addition, Agadir is not one of the most outstanding cities in terms of handicrafts, offering classic articles of the country (leather goods, ceramics, etc.) but with a relatively modest level of quality.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the wellness activity as an interesting option for lovers of exclusivity. As mentioned in the post on argan oil, there are several wellness centers in this city that have taken advantage of the international prestige and proven benefits of argan oil, produced in this region. These are massage centers and spas where you can go alone or as a couple to enjoy a health and relaxation experience.

Some of these spaces are linked to high-end hotels, while others are spread throughout the city, with different types of offers and packages. An example of this is the Argan Museum which, despite its name, is not a museum but a wellness center with this product as the basis of its catalog of treatments and massages.

As you can see, there is a chic side to Agadir that you can explore during your vacation, any time of the year. If you need further assistance in booking certain services, do not hesitate to contact us and organize your trip with us.

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