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Casablanca chic: some suggestions for a special trip

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city in terms of population, home to over 3.5 million people. Moreover, it’s the financial heart of the country. Coupled with its location on the Atlantic coast, it’s no surprise that some of Morocco’s most exclusive spots are found here. In this post, we offer some suggestions for experiencing chic Casablanca, ensuring your trip to this destination is elevated in every way.

Anfa: the origin of Casablanca… and its chicest district

Anfa is the ancient name for Casablanca, as indicated by medieval documents, and the 16th-century Portuguese settlement also carried this name (Anafé), which today applies to the district south of the El Hank lighthouse. Currently, it’s also the city’s most stylish, orderly, and elegant area, so many of Casablanca’s chicest places are right here.

Beach Clubs, a relaxing proposal

One of the hallmarks of chic Casablanca is the Beach Club concept. Although the beaches along its coast are not the country’s most idyllic, several beach clubs have opened, offering various services and activities for their guests, who don’t necessarily need to be members. Naturally, they feature high-end ‘chiringuito’-style restaurants, but also spaces dedicated to pools and reserved beach areas with umbrellas and sun loungers.

The two most famous are Tahiti Beach Club and Miami Fitness Club & Spa. The latter is perhaps more comprehensive and exclusive, with gym facilities and a spa lounge offering a wide range of treatments and massages.

Hammams, the essential relaxation in Morocco

As we’ve discussed in other blog posts, the hammam is a public service still used by many Moroccans for hygiene and even socialization. But there’s also a more refined and exclusive hammam concept, akin to a spa but with an exotic, traditional touch that makes it particularly appealing.

Hammam Zani is one of the most notable, with its steam room and optional exfoliation service at the end of the experience, based on the concept of heat contrasts. However, many high-end hotels also have their own spas where you can enjoy a premium bathing experience, such as the Four Seasons or the Hyatt Regency.

Restaurants for dinner and more

The Anfa area is home to chic Casablanca’s most exclusive restaurants. They’re also a good choice for a drink, as the city’s nightlife might not be as lively as in other Moroccan destinations, like Marrakech.

In this context, Le Cabestan, near the El Hank lighthouse, is an interesting choice, where it’s not uncommon to see limousines parked outside, indicating the caliber of its clientele. Another interesting option is Basmane, with a menu based on traditional Moroccan dishes but with a more refined twist. The atmosphere is often enlivened with live belly dance performances.

Outside of Anfa, one place to consider is Dar Beida, the restaurant of the aforementioned Hyatt Regency hotel, with a romantic setting highlighted by live lute performances.

As you can see, there are many options for experiencing chic Casablanca during your trip. So, if you want to organize a premium and exclusive experience, let us help you put together the perfect plan.

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