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Tips for good behavior in Morocco

The responsible tourist is the one who respects the local culture and behaves as the locals expect him to behave. And at Chic Morocco we advocate for it, so in this post we give you some tips for good behavior in Morocco. They will be useful to you in general and especially if you plan to make contact with Moroccans themselves, whether in the public or private sphere.

Decalogue of good behavior in Morocco

These are 10 tips for good behavior in Morocco, especially aimed at travelers like you, as they are related to common situations for a tourist.

#1. Ask permission before taking a photo

Of course, to photograph a monument, it is not necessary. But if a person is going to become the protagonist or an important element of the photo, you should ask first. And even more so if women or children are involved.

#2. Do not give alms to children

When taking a photo, the photographed may ask for a small donation in return. Assess whether the situation lends itself to this, although the general recommendation is that it does not. But in any case, do not do it with children: you will be contributing to children being attracted to this way of earning easy money without going to school, which is totally counterproductive for their educational development.

#3. Dress discreetly

Especially in the case of women. Avoid bare shoulders, low-cut tops and very short shorts or skirts. That could be considered provocative and, moreover, trigger indiscreet and unwanted glances.

#4. Take off your shoes when entering a private area.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to enter a mosque orplace of worship, or a private home because you have been invited to do so, you must remove your shoes, at least if the hosts also do so.

#5. Accept a welcome tea

In general, accept welcome teas, for example when you arrive at your accommodation or when you are on time for an appointment (friends, business, etc.). Refusing to do so may be considered a discourteous gesture. An exception may be in the context of a store, when the salesperson tries to use this offer to lure you as a customer, so if you are not interested in either the store or the tea, turn it down with kindness and a smile.

#6. Dribble, but not as a game

Handicraft sellers in the souks expect some bargaining to take place before the sale. Admitting the first price or buying it without apparent interest in it is frowned upon. But be careful: don’t think of bargaining as a diversion, practice it only if you are really interested in the item. Otherwise, the seller will be offended.

#7. The salute (with the right hand) is sacred.

Greeting is a basic gesture of politeness. Between Moroccans of the same sex, it is customary to kiss each other on the cheek, when there is enough trust. But what is not conceived is a kiss between people of different sexes, even if they are a couple or there is trust, because it can be considered too affectionate a gesture. So in your case, you will have to salute with your hand, and this has to be the right hand, as the left hand is considered ‘impure’.

#8. Be discreet with demonstrations of love

From the above advice it follows that you should also be very restrained when expressing affection with your own partner. Avoid kissing in public, as well as walking around holding hands or even holding hands, as this is something Moroccans themselves do not usually do either.

#9. Avoid talking about politics or religion

Talking about these issues, such as the king or the status of women in Islam, can be embarrassing with someone you barely know and do not trust, especially in the public arena.

#10. In short: common sense

There are many other tips that can be given about good behavior in Morocco, such as when sitting at a table to eat. But as a final recommendation, it serves to say that use your common sense to act, always opting for a discreet profile, without wanting to draw the attention of your environment.

In any case, if you have any specific questions about good behavior in Morocco during your trip, do not hesitate to ask our staff (accompanying guide, driver, etc.), as they will be happy to answer them.

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