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4 romantic travel destinations in Morocco

Many couples organize romantic trips in Morocco to rekindle the flame of their love. It can be on the occasion of a honeymoon, which implies a circuit of at least one week. But it can also be a shorter but equally unforgettable getaway , for example as a Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. Thanks to the exoticism that this country exudes in every corner, almost every destination is ideal for this type of experience. But if we had to choose a list of the best places to enjoy the intimacy of the couple, the following four could not be missed.

The embrace of the desert in a luxurious tent

Is there anything more romantic than a sunrise or sunset over the desert dunes? Moments like these are what bring a couple together and heal any wounds.The magical lights that light up the sky, the warm colors that tinge the hills of fine sand, the silence that envelops everything… And if you add to this a luxury tent as accommodation, in a camp organized around a natural fire, with the bright starry sky as a ceiling over your heads… You will wish that time will stand still for the two of you! You can live experiences like these in the desert of Merzouga, at the foot of the dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Beaches of the far south

If what you want is to enjoy total disconnection in the company of your partner but, in addition, you do not want to do without the beach, then your destination is in the far south of Morocco. Beyond Agadir opens an almost unexplored terrain with pristine beaches lapped by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A good example of this is the beach of Legzira, famous for its red stone arch, caused here by thousands of years of erosion. Although it is a windy coastline, its sandy beach is the perfect place to walk hand in hand while you get your feet wet and tell each other confidences.

Marrakech, a destination that has it all

Marrakech is undoubtedly the city best adapted to tourism. And therefore, the one that can offer the most leisure plans for couples to its travelers. For example, when it comes to charming accommodations. There are numerous 5-star hotels where luxury and exclusivity are everywhereBut if you want to give a local and genuine touch to your trip, nothing better than a high standard riad in the medina: its patio or garden, as well as the intimate and secluded character of the building, will make you feel at home. And of course, the quality of its restaurants and the beauty of some of its corners, such as the Majorelle Garden, will give color, flavor and all the necessary ingredients for a romantic getaway.

A kasbah to fortify your relationship

The last option of this post, but not the least interesting, are the kasbahs that you will find south of the Atlas, in the so-called pre-Saharan valleys. Most of these Berber castles are in ruins, but many others have been restored and converted into charming accommodations. Although its level of exclusivity is not comparable to that of certain hotels in the city, its charm is so great that it makes up for everything, with the added sensation of quiet and peace that reigns in these surroundings far from the hustle and bustle. In the area of Ait Ben Haddou, or even inside this ksar declared World Heritage Site by Unesco, you will find interesting options.

And if you have any ideas or other preferences beyond these four proposals, do not hesitate to contact Chic Morocco. We are experts in romantic trips in Morocco, so we will be able to configure a tailor-made proposal for both of you.

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