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What is a tyafer in morocco? can it be a travel gift?

EThe tyafer is a tradition deeply rooted in Moroccan culture and is tied to the most momentous occasion in the lives of Moroccans: matrimony. The quality of its craftsmanship is meticulously cared for, and families spare no expense for it. In this post, we explain exactly what a tyafer is and whether it can also serve as a beautiful souvenir from your trip to this country.

What is a tyafer and when is it given in Morocco?

Tyafer are a kind of small containers consisting of a base and a conical lid, which can be seen as a nod to another omnipresent element of Moroccan culture: the clay pots used to cook tajines. In this case, they are larger and designed to hold other items inside.

They draw attention because they are covered in bright fabrics and embroideries, giving a refined air to the ensemble. The larger ones have small legs or supports on which they stand, allowing the tyafer to become a sort of table or small decorative piece of furniture.

Tyafer are laden with symbolism as they mark a very special moment: they are a gift that a groom gives to his bride on the day his family visits hers in order to get to know each other better and discuss matters of the marital union. The bride’s family, in turn, will have prepared a reception befitting the occasion, so the richness of the tyafer must match up.

What do tyafer contain?

During that visit, the groom presents the tyafer to his bride and her family. Upon lifting the lid, they discover the valuable gifts it contains. There is no written law about what a tyafer should carry, but they usually contain traditional foods to be savored during the meeting, as well as other gifts that the future wife will keep for her entire life as a very precious possession.

For instance, among the foods present in a tyafer, dates and pastries are usually a staple, perfect to accompany the tea that will surely be part of the ceremony. As for the other gifts, prominent are the rich silk fabrics and other textiles, with matching embroideries and shiny finish.

Henna bags are also common in these tyafer, as they are a resource highly valued by women for beautifying their bodies on special occasions. And of course, valuable jewelry, which the bride will wear on grand occasions throughout her life.

Can a tyafer serve as a travel souvenir?

As we have seen, the tyafer is conceived as a touching wedding gift, in one of the essential stages prior to the marriage ceremony. However, if you have a special attraction to Moroccan culture, you can acquire one and use it for another purpose, such as home decor or as a container for special gifts.

The richest and most exclusive tyafer are often made to order, with craftsmen specializing in this type of work. However, you might also find them already made in other craft stalls, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding them, whether empty or with other gifts inside.

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