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Tangier chic: a few sites to enjoy

As we said in this other post, Marrakech is probably the most chic city in Morocco. But it is by no means the only one. In the rest of the country there are fashionable cities, which in recent years have given a twist to their tourist proposals to achieve an elegance and a premium experience of the most interesting. A good example of this is Tangier, the most cosmopolitan city in Morocco in the 20th century, which retains (or has retaken) much of that character. Here is Tangier chic, with establishments and activities that will not disappoint you.

Spas and wellness centers

Its wide beaches washed by the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar are not the only ones responsible for the Tangier spa tourismwellness spaces are also available here, inspired by the hammamshave developed a wider range of services, in the spa style, with massage centers, saunas and jacuzzis. El-Minzah is a good example of this, in one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. Serenity Day Spa is another option, but in this case only for women.

Art galleries to enjoy and invest in

Because of its proximity to Europe, Tangier has been a city much visited by artists from the 19th century onwards, finding here true inspiration for their careers, such as Delacroix. Nowadays, you can find some art galleries that connect with the more artistic and even bohemian side of the city, where works of local and international artists, contemporary painting and other disciplines are sold or exhibited. The Mohamed Drissi Gallery is one of them, but also the Conil Gallery or Les Insolites, the latter for literature lovers, as it also has books of great interest.

Restaurants with sophisticated cuisine and ambiance

Gastronomy also makes Tangier chic: it has restaurants for all tastes, and some of them have a premium quality, both in the food and in the service and ambiance. One of the most renowned in the city is the Morocco Club, with a certain vintage air that takes us back to the twentieth century, when the city had the protected status of International Zone and welcomed people from all over the world, especially from the West. Equipped with a piano bar, it is also suitable for those who wish to complement their dinner with a sophisticated cocktail. Quite different is Le Saveur de Poisson: although the place and the service lack the aforementioned refinement, many consider it one of the best for tasting local fish.

Ethnochic stores in the center

If we talk about Tangier chic, we cannot overlook its ‘ethnochic’ fashion stores, i.e., that fashion and decoration trend that has an exotic base in the eyes of the foreign traveler, but with a level of quality and elegance that goes beyond borders. A good example of this is Las Chicas, located very close to the kasbah: with an eclectic touch and nods to neighboring Spain, this store sells not only clothes but also all kinds of objects for home decoration. No less interesting is the boutique of Laure Wefling, a French designer based in the city, with a lookbook for men and women marked by color, nice fabrics and bold prints.

As you can see, if you are looking for a chic Tangier for your trip, you only have to move around the center to find places and establishments that will make you enjoy an unforgettable experience. And if you need any more specific advice when you are here, our staff will share with you all their knowledge about the city.

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