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5 premium excursions in Morocco

In this blog, we have been analyzing the chicest places in the country’s main destinations: Agadir, Marrakech, Tangier… But there are also premium excursions in Morocco that you can undertake from the main tourist cities. In this post, we give you some ideas to take note of and enrich your travel program with us, as we can organize all the details of the getaway.

Hercules Cave, from Tangier

We start our review of the best premium excursions in Morocco from the north. From Tangier, you can travel to the famous Hercules Caves (14 km away), a spectacular rock formation that can be accessed from land and sea. It owes its name to the legend that the famous Greco-Roman hero spent the night here before undertaking his eleventh labor. Its interior is museum-like, with lighting that allows you to contemplate and admire its spectacular walls and ceiling, all of natural origin due to the erosion of the sea and wind. Additionally, 5 km from this site is the famous Cape Spartel Lighthouse, which has a pleasant café-restaurant.

Ceuta, from Tangier or Tetouan

If you are interested in the mix of cultures found in border cities, there’s nothing better than escaping to Ceuta, also in the north, in this case, a Spanish autonomous city located on a spectacular peninsula, at the foot of Mount Hacho. Here, according to some interpretations of the legend, Hercules placed one of his famous pillars (the other being the Rock of Gibraltar). Ceuta has a very interesting historical-artistic heritage, such as its Royal Walls, where there is now a National Parador. However, being Spanish territory, you must bear in mind that you will need to complete some bureaucratic procedures to cross the border.

Ifrane, from Fez or Meknes

An interesting, original, and surprising proposal is to make a getaway to Ifrane. Known as the Moroccan Switzerland, this nickname is explained by its resemblance to the Alpine towns of this European country. Indeed, it is located in the Middle Atlas, at about 1,700 meters above sea level, and its quaint buildings have two or four-sided roofs to facilitate the evacuation of water or snow, as we are in the country’s wettest area. To get here, you can start from Fez or Meknes, in both cases about 60 km away. It is also a town where the purchasing power is above average, as it receives abundant winter tourism, and thanks to that, the quality of services and facilities are also notable.

Agafay, from Marrakech

Although the deserts of Merzouga and Zagora are the most famous, with their respective Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga, from Marrakech there is a closer and feasible excursion in just one day or a short weekend: the getaway to the Agafay Desert. Unlike the mentioned ones, it does not have mountains of dunes, but its lunar landscape has great charm. And, in addition, it has camps of Berber tents where you can stay with all sorts of details and comforts.

Taghazout, from Agadir

We close this brief review of premium excursions in Morocco with this proposal in the south: it is a town that has experienced great tourist development in recent years, thanks to nearby Agadir (25 km). But despite the fact that resorts are now especially numerous, it maintains its prestige in its star activity: surfing. If you like this sport or any other related water modality, escaping to Taghazout will always be a wise decision, with spots for all levels and companies that offer top-notch equipment and training.

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