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Rabat chic: the most exclusive and trendy in the capital

Talking about Rabat chic makes a lot of sense, as it is one of the cities with the highest standards of exclusivity and quality in all of Morocco. This is largely due to the fact that it is the capital of the country. It was also during the period of the French Protectorate. Therefore, the French influence is felt in many different aspects: from urban planning (Ville Nouvelle) to its hotel services, including many others. In addition, it should be noted that Rabat forms the same metropolitan area with Salé, so some of the chic proposals that we show you here are actually in the territory of its neighbor, on the other side of the Bou Regreg river.

Chic restaurants in Rabat

If what you are looking for is to eat well, with exquisite quality in an atmosphere of full comfort, in Rabat there are several proposals, almost all of them in the Ville Nouvelle andwith a Western touch in the dishes, both for their ingredients and their presentation. A good example of this is Cosmopolitan, in an art deco villa with a markedly French menu, with fresh and varied seafood. Also worth mentioning is L’Entrecote, which, as its name suggests, offers magnificent meats.

Traditional and level purchasing

In the articles we have been dedicating to the most chic places in other cities, such as Agadir, Casablanca or Marrakech, we do not usually mention the souks and traditional stalls because they do not always offer a high quality experience. However, Rabat may be the exception that proves the rule, as shopkeepers here are more respectful of travelers, with no ‘harassment’. If we add to this a more than remarkable quality, the result can be truly premium purchases, both in Rabat and Salé.

Salé Marina

The marina or Marina de Bouregreg in Salé is one of the most exclusive in the country. As its name suggests, it is located on this river, very close to its mouth, with about 350 moorings and capacity for boats of 30 meters in length. There you can rent boats of different types, which allows you to discover the most maritime side of the capital. In addition, the facilities of this port are, as expected, home to sophisticated gastronomic establishments, such as Al Marsa.

The Rabat of the future: contemporary architecture

Finally, we could not forget the more contemporary Rabat, since the most futuristic buildings are located precisely in this city. These are projects which, at the time of writing (December 2023), were not yet completed or fully operational, but which will set the trend in Morocco in the coming years. And, of course, they will be accompanied by premium services and experiences, due to the nature of the activities they will host.

The greatest example of them all is the Grand Theater of Rabat, one of the most spectacular works of the Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. Its striking curved design seems to be inspired by stylized Arabic calligraphy, which Hadid is, of course, very familiar with. Inside, the theater has a capacity for about 2,000 spectators and will be home to the most prestigious concerts and stage plays.

Very close to the Grand Theater rises the Mohammed VI Tower, which reaches a height of 250 meters, placing it among the tallest skyscrapers in Africa. It will have a mixed use, as it will house some exclusive residences, as well as a luxury hotel and offices, mainly for the Moroccan bank BMCE Bank. In this case, the project was designed by Spanish architect Rafael de la-Hoz, in collaboration with Moroccan architect Hakim Benjelloun.

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